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Mistie Dawn's Favorites

Cork Oak Natural Unisex Messenger Bag
Cork Oak Natural Unisex Messenger Bag
Our Price: $92.00
Cork Oak Natural Unisex Messenger Bag
Cork Oak Natural Unisex Messenger Bag - naturally waterproof, washable, hypoallergenic, scratch, stain resistant and eco friendly
Recycled Tire Basket - Small
Recycled Tire Basket - Small
Our Price: $25.00
Recycled Tire Basket - Small
Recycled Tire Basket - Small - made from 100% recycled scrap tires
Wide Silver Bangle Bracelets
Wide Silver Bangle Bracelets
Our Price: $76.00
Wide Silver Bangle Bracelets
Wide Silver Bangle Bracelets - made from recycled metals
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Green living for everyday! Shop green and eco-friendly products for every occasion!

What is green living? It is making small changes in your every day life style to live in a more earth-friendly sustainable way. By making changes in your consumption of water, reducing use of plastics, cutting on oil usage, lowering landfill contribution with bio-degradability, slowing down deforestation and our consumption of natural resources by shopping and buying items made from recycled goods and reclaimed wood, choosing local and organic products that are healthier for you while lowering chemical exposure and by giving green gifts to friends and family. These are just a few of the little changes we can all make that have a big environmental impact as well as an impact on your health. Yes, believe it. Small changes create a big impact. We aim to make going green not only painless and easy but also enjoyable by selling you quality items that you will love and will feel good about purchasing for your home and to gift to your loved ones. Let us know if you agree, register on our site and write a comment in our product reviews, to register, click here. Shop to be Green looks forward to hearing from you.

Shop to be Green carries a special selection of green products. We search for eco products that are of the highest quality, stylish, and creatively designed. Our online shop carries green products that are made from high quality materials and we carry the best brands. Our product list includes home decorating items, cookware, jewelry, furniture, and our popular spa bath and body items to name just a few. We offer you green products for all occasions: Wedding gifts, Bridal Shower gifts, Anniversary gifts, Birthday gifts, Housewarming gifts, Baby Shower gifts,  and much more. Utilize Shop to be Green's free gift registry and share your favorite natural and eco friendly products with your friends and family.


Natural Bath Body


Handcrafted Soaps

Shampoo and Conditioners

Body Scrubs

Lip and Body Balms

Face Toners

Liquid Soap

Bath Soaks and Salts

Therapy Body Pillows

Salt Inhalers

Facial Cleansers

Face and Body lotion





Eco Jewelry

Recycled Metal Earrings

Recycled Metal Necklaces

Recycled Metal Rings

Recycled Metal Bracelets

Recycled Glass Earrings

Fork Jewelry

Spoon Rings

Botanical Pendants

Crystal and Stone Pendants


Green Home

Natural Cleaning

Eco Decor

Eco Pillows

Bamboo Clocks


Salt Lamps

Eco Candles

Green Cooking

Shopping bags

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Wine Bottle Decor


Biodegradable Dinnerware

Recycled Glassware




Eco Kids


Natural Play Dough

Natural Finger Paint

Natural Paste

Sandwich Wrap

Bamboo Clocks







Mosquito Repellant

Plant Fertilizer

Pet Shampoo

Biodegradable Waste Bags

Cork Accessories 

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