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Do you want to learn more about Shop to be Green and the products that we sell? Hear what others are saying about us? You can find all the latest press, news, product reviews and press releases about here.

Green Living Magazine Cool Stuff Green Living AZ Magazine May Issue - Cool Outrageous Stuff: For Pits Sake natural deodorant feature "A natural deodorant designed with you and the environment in mind. For Pits Sake deodorants come in four different mild scents that will leave you feeling fresh. Free of parabens, propylene glycol and aluminum, this 100 percent all-natural deodorant uses only non-toxic, natural skin ingredients with a blend of essential oils to keep odor-causing bacteria away."
Local First Arizona Local First Arizona April Newsletter and Blog feature: "...a treasure chest loaded with products intended to help us move toward a more earth-friendly lifestyle - one small step at a time. It stocks an impressive collection of items made from recycled goods, reclaimed wood, as well as local and organic products. While perusing their website, we found a purse made from cork, a messenger bag and wallet from upcycled fire hose, dinnerware made from fallen palm leaves, and so much more."
Environmental Booty website Environmental Booty April 6, 2011 feature: "You know that adorable little boutique in your town that always has the most unique finds for gifts, for yourself or just because? Well, I have one of those too and I just love it. What I don't love is that their adorable items are NOT eco-friendly.  So listen up green gals!  Whether you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or you just want a little something special for yourself (you know you deserve it!), is an eco-friendly solution you will want to frequent."
AZ Health & Living Magazine AZ Health & Living Magazine pages 14 & 15 April 2012 edition: " eboutique that sells green products that she handpicks. The online shop, which is based out of Scottsdale, sells a variety of home and lifestyle products that are made with the environment in mind."
NJ Moms Guide NJ Mom's Guide - January 27, 2012 review: "...a small green products eboutique that was born out of the owner’s love of organic, natural and sustainable products that promotes a healthy lifestyle for you and the planet. She takes only the best green products, made out of high quality materials that are creatively made and whittles out the green wash products so that you don’t have to. How easily green is that"
She Hearts It Blog She Hearts It - November 2011 review: "I’ve been looking for what I’d like to call my go to cup. A cup that I could use all day, thermos styled, easy to clean, and durable. I got that and so much more with the Therm-O that sent me."
Phoenix Magazine Phoenix Magazine - November 2011 issue: "Meanwhile, Valley online retailer is doing a booming business in disposable eco-friendly plates and platters made from fallen palm leaves that are gathered, pressed and fully biodegradable."
Context Magazine Context Magazine - September 2011 inaugural issue back page feature.
New Age Mama Blog New Age Mama - Sepember 2011 review: "If you are looking for a really unique holiday gift,  then you should really check out the beautiful salt  lamps at Shop to Be Green. Shop To Be Green offers many other wonderful products to help promote a green and natural life style. They have candles, eco friendly jewelry, furniture, and even pet supplies."
Precisely Mine Precisely Mine - Sepember 2011 review: "The Olive Wine Bottle Glass Hoop Earrings are very beautiful (and happen to be my favorite color). They measure approximately 1" around. Even though they are made from glass, they are lightweight and do not feel very heavy on my ears. I love the vintage look. I can wear them anywhere and with any outfit and still look great. Even more amazing though is "The Story of the Glass" which details what the glass was originally and the approximate age. How neat is that to know that these earrings were once a bottle of wine? It's fun to sit and think who might have been drinking from the bottle."
MacroMama Macro Mama - August 2011 review and lamb biryani recipe: "Having cooked with clay often in tajines I was really gentle with this dish.  I’ve cracked plenty of clay.  But what has impressed me so much so far is how durable this pot is [clay pot steamer].  I still only keep it on medium heat but it doesn’t get as hot as my other clay pots and so far no signs of wear or cracking"
The Green Beagle The Green Beagle - August 2011 feature: "Oh how I swoon over the Spring Bamboo Clock! The Bamboo Clock  is spectacularly beautious! I would like to say that is is a little pricey but to be honest it is hand made in the USA, made from bamboo and is under $100. Comparing that to many other eco-living sites that really isn’t bad. The Spring Bamboo Clock literally made me jump for joy when I came across it. I am positive I must have the Bamboo Spring Clock like yesterday!"
Networking Witches Networking Witches - August 2011 review: "The Original Organic Lip Balm Tubes were a quick favorite here.  The kids fought over it.  Chapped lips are common here and lip balm is a fend for yourself deal.  The G.B. Proudfoots are convenient lip balms that offer a great alternative to mass marketed, petrochemical based balms.  Their balms are scented with natural essential oils and are available in Ginger & Orange, Cinnamon Mint, Key Lime and Coffee Bean."
Tara Burner Tara Burner - August 2011 review: "The other item was the organic lip balm in Key Lime. It smells soooo fresh and vibrant. It goes on smooth and doesn’t feel sticky or gunky."
Two Classy Chics Two Classy Chics - August 2011 review: "I have been using Fruit & Veggie washes for years but this is the first time that I am trying out the Solay brand. I love the size of this bottle as 32 oz. will last me for a few months unlike those small bottles I find at my local store. I rinsed my fruit under some tap water and then sprayed them lightly with the wash, did some light scrubbing and then rinsed again. I love that there is absolutely NO odor with this wash! LOVE IT!!!"
Crunchy Beach Mama Crunchy Beach Mama - August 2011 review: "Why I loved this store before I even started looking around…"
The Knack The Knack - July 2011 review: "Not only is a fantastic place to shop for yourself, it makes gift-giving a breeze."
Joan & Riahs Reviews Joan & Riah's Reviews and Giveaways - July 2011 review: "There is so much to see on this site I got side tracked easily and there are a lot of products I would love to try.  I am going to have to make a list to remember.  This is some good stuff ! I recommend everything I tried and hope you get a chance to try it too!"
Family Focus Blog FamilyFocusBlog - June 2011 review: "I chose to try the G.B. ProudFoot’s Humble Organics Old Fashion Liquid Soap from Shop To Be Green’s Organic Bath & Body selection. This is a great all purpose soap from handwashing to bathtime to dishes and spot removal!  I chose the Rosemary Mint fragrance and it was really nice and refreshing from the natural essential oils.  The humble organics soap is easy to pump and works great!"
Jeri's Organizing News Jeri's Organizing & Decluttering News - May 2011 feature: "Burlap baskets provide interesting storage at not-astronomical prices. You can also find her baskets at Shop to Be Green..."
A Casa da Va  A Casa da Va - April 2011 design highlight: "Moroccan Tea Glass Candle Set sold at Shop to be Green."

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